Leading Causes of Death are Related to Nutrition

Being conscious about what we eat is very important to our overall health. The food we put into our bodies directly effects our health. 

The below list comes from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. According to the Center for Nutrition Studies 7 of these top 10 diseases are related to nutrition. We all know how important our diets are when it comes to number one on the list, Heart Disease, but these others are very important as well.

We stress the importance of being educated about what we eat and our nutrition. The food we eat has consequences and benefits. It is important to try to eat the food that has a positive impact on our health rather than puts us at risk of some of the most common diseases in America.  

Keep checking in with us to find out great tips about how to add things to your diet to promote health rather than risk it.



Cameron Alksnis, is an avid supporter of a whole foods plant-based diet and holds a certification in Plant-Based nutrition form the Center for Nutrition Studies. He is a competitive triathlete and is a former professional soccer player. 


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