The Power of Plants

Don't look past the power of plants. Plants provide countless amounts of nutrients for our bodies. The nutrients we get from plants can't be replicated from other source and are  essential for us to thrive. 

Whether you like to exercise and live an active lifestyle or not, the power of plants can help you fuel your daily routine. Many people on a heavily meat based diets may not be getting the nutrients they need to reach their fullest potential. 

Below is a recent article written by our Founder, Cameron Alksnis for IMPACT Magazine. Cameron is certified in Plant-Based Nutrition and is an avid endurance cyclist, runner and triathlete. This article talks about the importance of incorporating plants and superfoods into your diet for optimal fueling and recovery. 

The Power of Plants Article, IMPACT Magazine. 

Full edition of IMPACT Magazine. 

Enjoy and stay healthy!! 


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